ALIGHT - Sustanaible Aviation


Upcoming events

Webinar on Airports & SAF Certification

April 4th 2024 online

Aimed at airport organisations, this webinar will review the value of sustainability and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) certification. It will help airports to understand what the key sustainability aspects are when we speak about SAF, and what the opportunities are for them.


April 17th 2024 at Copenhagen Airport 

The event will offer presentations from manufacturers and developers with status and perspectives for electric aviation development, future stands, charging solutions and power supply. The event is initiated by ALIGHT.

Previous events

"State of the art" workshop

June 2022

The topics of this workshop on the state of the art were short-term challenges, short-term goals, and emerging solutions within
Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and Smart Energy. Read the conclusions below.